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Shokenkai is a dojo in Hong Kong dedicated to the Aikido style and training methods as taught by TK Chiba Shihan and E Horii Shihan. We emphasize weapon practice and martial elements of Aikido.

aikido, a sports and an art in Hong Kong

We are affiliated with the Aikikai Foundation or Hombu Dojo, the headquarter of Aikido as founded by O’Sensei MoriheiUeshiba. Ou r dojo name, Shoken are Japanese kanji characters meaning “Correct View”. In Buddhism, Shoken is an important terminology referring to one of eight essential paths to reach enlightenment.

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In our dojo, it is our wish that we practise and understand aikido 9with a “Correct View” with the aim of gaining a glimpse of true Budo. We are not-for-profit and is in the process of registering as a Society with the HK Police Department.